We are the developer of geeRemit, a global remittance mobile app. In addition, we provide mobile and other software development across multiple industries. We further provide IT architecture development.

Technology Services

Technology services provided include cyber security, cloud services, analytics, computer programming (including mobile applications), and hardware and software design and installation. Offers expert (witness) analysis in these computing disciplines.

Technology Consultation

For IT solutions and environments, we provide vendor-neutral best practice insights for strategy and implementation advisory, as well as readiness assessment. This enables IT adoption by developing a low-risk strategy and the adoption of efficient IT best practices, and ensures service readiness by assessing compliance with standards, respectively.

Technical Writing

Provide technical writing services to develop papers, brochures, blogs, journal publications, guidebooks, technical proposals, etc. Also conduct scientific research, based upon world-class standard methodologies, and write technical documents to convey results.

Building Leadership Capacity

Conduct seminars, workshops and webinars on the best practices for building and sustaining world-class leadership skills.

Innovation and Intellectual Capacity

Work to provide expert (witness) analysis on the patentability of computer hardware and software design, etc. Also provides guidance and direction on innovation and intellectual property, including how to broaden the value and impact of ideas and the methodologies for securing patents.

Building Technical Capacity

Conduct webinars, workshops, forums, training sessions on IT infrastructure best practices, including cloud, cyber security (e.g. CompTIA Security+), and general IT skills and trends.